Project Highlight: Nonprofit Website Revamp


Emily Griffith Foundation (EGF) needed a website that:

  • Better illustrated its impact

  • Connected with each of its diverse target audiences

  • Provided custom and mobile-friendly e-commerce and donation experiences


Website Design | Graphic Design | Copy Writing | Custom E-Commerce & Donation 


EGF's new website is focused on leveraging engagement through multi-media stories, social proof, and user-friendly e-commerce and donation experiences. 

  • Multi-media illustration of impact: inspiring student testimonials highlight the results of EGF's work.

  • Social proof: testimonials from donors, corporate partners, and foundations establish EGF's credibility.

  • E-commerce: Custom and mobile-friendly online purchase solutions allows EGF to better sell its board training and career fairs.

  • Donations: With its old site, visitors had to make donations or purchases via PayPal, which took visitors of off EGF's website and was lacking in user-friendliness. Now EGF owns the donation experience from start to finish — and all without having to pay any additional processing fees!


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"We realized we needed a website that better illustrated our impact and provided an improved donation experience. Pulse Perfect Consulting leveraged multimedia stories, social proof, and custom e-commerce solutions to deliver just that. 

From graphic design to copywriting to custom coding, Pulse Perfect infused strategy with aesthetics to deliver a website that added great value and revenue potential to our organization.

We look forward to continuing to work together."

—  Alby Segall, President | Emily Griffith Foundation

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Emily Griffith Foundation


Donation Page - BEFORE

Donation Page - AFTER


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