3 Overlooked Keys to Entrepreneurial Success

I was recently asked to speak at a Mi Casa Resource Center business graduation to share some words of wisdom to fellow business owners. 

As I reflected on my own journey, I distilled 3 keys to successful entrepreneurship that are often overlooked. 

Operate from the Abundance Principle

The basic premise of the Abundance Principle is that the world is filled with more than enough space, customers, time, resources, etc. for everyone who works hard to be successful.

What this principle means in practice is not being fearful that someone else's success means your failure. 

When operating within this mindset, generosity  — which is gaining traction as a business term  — and being liberated to truly wish well for others naturally occurs. 

Call it God or call it karma, but I’ve found that when I strive to treat others fairly  — or even more than fairly, and even in the face of discrimination or unjustness  — that positive energy comes back to me. Sometimes it comes back years later or in unexpected ways, but it always comes back.

Determine your Values (And Stick with Them)

We spend so much time making sure our service or product is the best it can be, but it’s also important to establish our company values and stick with them.

Especially if you are a minority or women-owned business, or both, it can be hard to say no. But we should when the situation or the customer is not right.

Trust your gut and measure each opportunity and potential against the framework of your values so you can be sure that each step you take forward with your business, is a step in the right direction.

Dream Big

Perhaps the most important piece of advice is to dream big. 

In the early days of Pulse Perfect Consulting, I met with a seasoned entrepreneur who after hearing my business goals told me I was not dreaming big enough. 

He was right. Since our conversation, I've been able to achieve many goals I once deemed unattainable. 

Often, we limit ourselves more than the world limits us. 

Hand-in-hand with dreaming big is the importance of reflection and celebrating successes. Taking stock of where you've been allows you to create a clearer vision for where you want to go.  

Personally, I have a tendency to always be looking toward the next goal as soon as I’ve achieved the last one. One way I've found to get out of this rut is to routinely reflect on accomplishments and make time to celebrate both big and small successes. 

In the journey of entrepreneurship, disappointment is inevitable but grit is non-negotiable. And having an arsenal of front-of-mind successes will help you rebound and solve challenges all the quicker! 

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