Why You Can't Afford to Ignore the Power of Video

Video has become the most powerful marketing tool. 

Why? Online video accounts for 74% of all web traffic and its consumption rates are skyrocketing. 

Source: HubSpot

Source: HubSpot

And video has proven time and time again that it's an effective marketing tool. In fact, 52% of marketers across the globe agree that video is the content with the highest ROI

Source: HubSpot

Source: HubSpot

If the thought of incorporating video into your marketing is overwhelming, have no fear! 

There are several quick and painless ways to add video into your overall marketing strategy. 

And luckily for startups, small businesses, and nonprofits with a limited budget - today's consumers are more concerned about authenticity than video quality. That means you can shoot video on a smartphone or desktop instead of hiring a full-blown production crew. 

Let's dive into several ways you can effectively leverage the power of video marketing. 


Live Event Coverage

As augmented reality grows more mainstream, it's vital to start strategizing how your brand can create experiential value

You can easily create consumer experiences through social media live event coverage, such as Facebook Live like we did for our client KUVO.

Sharing event photos and video in real-time will help you reach new audiences due to increased posting frequency and the fact that social media algorithms strongly favor native video. 

Show Don't Tell

In today's skeptical world, it's not enough to claim your product or service will do something. It's necessary to prove it. What better way to demonstrate than video?

Additionally, marketing must go beyond product demonstrations to gain traction. It's important for people to see how a product or service will help them achieve their dream lifestyle


Social proof sells, plain and simple. Jazz up your testimonials with video instead of relying solely on run of the mill quotes. Just make sure they come across as authentic and believable


Optimize for Silence 

85% of Facebook videos are watched with the sound off. As mobile web consumption increases, so too does the percentage of people consuming video in silence across social media channels and the web. 

Adding captions to Facebook videos increases viewing times by an average of 12%. Facebook's automatic captioning feature makes it easier than ever to optimize videos for silence. And YouTube has automatic captioning available for some videos as well. 

Keep it Short & Sweet 

Attention spans are short so a good rule of thumb is to keep videos 2 minutes or under

Remember the Rule of Thirds

Rather than centering your subject, the human eye prefers the point of interest framed in the intersections or along the lines that divide the screens in thirds.

Source: Photographymad.com

Source: Photographymad.com

Reduce Shakiness

Facebook live can now be filmed via desktop, eliminating the shakiness of smartphone videos.

For live event coverage, or when a smartphone or tablet is necessary for filming, invest in a tripod. These can run as inexpensive as $15. 

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