Why Email is the King of Marketing & What You Should Do About It

More than 90% of U.S. consumers use email every day. Couple the widespread use of email with the fact that 80% of customers require five to 12 contacts before a sale takes place and it’s easy to see why email continues to reign as the king of marketing. 

In 2014 alone, revenue from email increased 28%. In fact, for every dollar spent - email returns an average of $43. Simply put, email is the most powerful marketing channel considering ROI.

But to yield a return, email marketing must be properly executed. 

Provide Value 

Your email needs to be more than advertising to be effective. 

Make sure you are offering true value by sharing brand relevant content that is educating, entertaining and/or inspiring. 

Compelling email connects consumers with resources and tools that interest them. If your product is organic dog treats, pair a new release with pet enrichment ideas or the latest in canine health trends.

Drive Action 

Email is a strategy, not an end-goal. Each email you send should have a primary mission - whether it’s driving traffic back to your website, increasing sales with a special offer, or announcing a new product. 

Emails with a primary Call-to-Action perform better than those with competing requests. Use compelling visuals and mobile friendly buttons to further increase click-through rates.


Personalized emails yield 20% higher revenue than general email blasts. 

It’s no longer good enough to greet someone by their first name. The more you can segment your blasts - by consumer age, location, past email engagement/behavior, interests, socioeconomic status, etc. - the more likely you will be to connect with your subscribers. 

Email is ultimately a tool for one-on-one communication and does best when treated as such. 

Strategically Schedule 

Ensure maximum impact by sending content when your subscribers are most likely to open and engage with email. 

Recent studies show Saturday and Sunday after 6 PM may be the best time to send for B2C campaigns. 


Do you know whether your open rates are at or above industry standards? Is your click-through rate increasing or decreasing?

Evaluating each email blast will help you improve your messaging, design, and scheduling so you can continually strengthen your email marketing. 

Statistics from towerd@ta. A version of this post first appeared at OffLeash Communications.